Shattered Gates

Sun Temple Colony and The Temple of the Tree

After arriving on mainland Azlat, our party set out to look for the source of the ring that spouted fire. Moving through a burned portion of the old Azlanti city, we encountered a ghost and fought it off. We also encountered an enigmatic and slightly insane Selsaro. After casting a calming spell on him, we were able to bargain with him for a stone golem and various other magical items. The item called the Eye of the Moon was discovered by Younger and Russel. After leaving the old castle that Selsaro inhabited, we were ambushed by a group of colonists, who treated us with suspicion. Interrogated by Adara Smeet and her son Narbus Smeet, we were also subjected to a brief test of fire. There is apparently a group of cultist who believe in an insane fire god who live on the northern section of the city, and they are sometimes possessed by fiery oozes. Looking for a x on a map we had found in the dragon’s cave, we were directed to an underground city that the colonists would not explore. Walking through an abandoned part of the city, we were attacked by a strange creature who had four hands and a mouth where its head was that stood almost 10 feet tall. After defeating the strange beast, we ventured further to a large domed building that had a large, glowing tree growing out of the center. Inside, tall vines created corridors in the dome. We fought another group of the strange creatures, and defeated them handily. We continued, and found a entrance to the ziggurat that sat in the middle of the dome, and where the the tree grew. Inside was a mural that stood 20 feet high and depicted the building of a city, a tree growing on a rock, and a strange man leaving the city after a great calamity. There were also images of a floating ring and a man with a flame that floated above his head in front of the ring. We also found a storeroom that was long empty, and a group of trents guarding gigantic oak trees. They told us of a nature sapping wizard who lived in the ziggurat. We found the entrance to the ziggurat, but encountered a titanic centipede. After beating it, we opened the doors to the hall, where we found an old man in a robe of ravens feathers who set two clay golems without a second thought. We managed to defeat the golems, then two shadowy demons, and finally an angel who did not want to fight us. We moved upstairs after no more monsters attacked us, and found that the old man had a heart attack. After reviving him, we questioned him, but he was clearly insane, and decided to interrogate him more in the morning. When we woke up, he had died of natural causes.

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